Basic Steps towards Sustainability

…which should be mandatory for every company. There are some institutions that deal with sustainability in companies and the development towards a (more) sustainable economy. The world’s largest initiative for corporate sustainability is the United Nations Global Compact. On their website, they present, what I think is a terrific plan that can lead companies on their way to sustainability.  The plan is based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),… Read More »Basic Steps towards Sustainability

Choose your Bank Wisely

In my last blog post I have written about the power of money and the responsibilities involved. Eco- and ethical banks are becoming increasingly popular. Unfortunately, mainly in the private sector, which is definitely a very good development. However, I see great potential when this transferred to a business context. I would like to remind you of the example of replacing a coffee machine and the associated savings on capsules… Read More »Choose your Bank Wisely

Why Everyone is Obliged to Invest

Have you ever thought about what the bank institute does with the money you have in your saving account? You probably know that they are investing it.  If you give money to an institution (e.g. by putting it in your bank account or investing it in stocks), you enable it to proceed with whatever they do and increase their market power. The actions of the institution become bigger and more… Read More »Why Everyone is Obliged to Invest

Do your incentives match your convictions?

Have you ever been in a situation in which you had to make a decision and you have decided against the “feel-good option” because you were influenced by other factors? For example the company policy or the reward system?  I have the feeling that there are many people, living a fairly sustainable life besides their business or job; but as soon as they are acting within – or for a… Read More »Do your incentives match your convictions?

Why I started mubymi

Wow, as I am writing this first post I am realising that this is a dream coming true for me. Being able to share what I am learning and what I am passionate about, makes me a very happy lady. In the past two years the topic of sustainability became very present in my life. On the one hand because public awareness had been risen on this issue, on the… Read More »Why I started mubymi