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In the past weeks I was thinking a lot about what the conversations and discussions I was listening to in the radio, tv and with family and friends are actually about. At some point I noticed that it felt like most of the topics become almost irrelevant when setting them into relation with sustainability. E.g. holiday destinations are still high on the agenda but what are we going to tell… Read More »WHAT ARE WE EVEN TALKING ABOUT?

The Importance of Measuring your Companies Footprint

If you have read my blog post on how you can implement the SDGs into your company, you will remember the second step after understanding the SDGs – it is setting priorities.  But how are you going to set priorities, if you do not know the impact of your business in each of the areas the SDGs depict? Exactly, you have to measure your impact and set KPIs accordingly.  I… Read More »The Importance of Measuring your Companies Footprint

The Importance of Cross-Sector Collaboration

There is a common understanding of the urgent need for change towards sustainable business practices. At the same time far too little is done by the relevant sectors in order to move to sustainability. [1] One could even say, that the policy makers, financial decision makers and businesses sometimes hinder each other with regard to environmental and social friendly business practices. [2] E.g. Banks and investors are incentivised to provide… Read More »The Importance of Cross-Sector Collaboration

Sustainable Development Goals and what they mean for Businesses.

For those who have not heard of the SDGs before – they are, so to say the wold’s strategy on how to change our planet towards sustainability. They consist of 17 separate goals, the UN member states have committed to achieve by 2013 [1].  The video below gives you a brief overview of the single goals. I also recommend you to check them out in depth here. It is… Read More »Sustainable Development Goals and what they mean for Businesses.

Population Growth or the Interrelation of Food, Water and Energy

There are dangerous pressures from the growing demand for food, water, and energy that will be placed on these finite resources and are  fuelled by factors such as climate change, rapid urbanisation, increased wealth, and an increased reliance on biofuels. [1] We are facing the challenge to provide for as many as nine billion people by 2050 within a finite envelope of land, water and natural resources, whilst adapting to… Read More »Population Growth or the Interrelation of Food, Water and Energy

Review: Sustainability Business Management Course

This blog post is about my experience and key learnings of the Sustainability Management Course at the Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership (CISL). Corona had many down-sides, but for me it was also a blessing, giving me enough time to extend my horizon on how businesses can become more sustainable. The course enabled me to guide businesses of all kinds towards (more) sustainable business practices, which will equip them for… Read More »Review: Sustainability Business Management Course

Half Time at Cambridge Sustainability Business Course

It’s already half time of my sustainability leadership course at the CISL and oh dear, I did not know what I was signing up for (in a positive way). I am so grateful for the work the CISL staff is doing and every time I start learning, I wish everyone in the world would take this eye-opening course. The basic knowledge on sustainable issues we are facing today and existing… Read More »Half Time at Cambridge Sustainability Business Course

mubymi goes Cambridge

These are turbulent and exciting times where it is important not to forget the health of our planet in addition to our own health. I am convinced that sustainability must be a top priority so that we humans are able to live a good life in the long term on our beautiful planet earth. After extensive research, I decided to join the Cambridge University network and deepen the topic of… Read More »mubymi goes Cambridge

Corona: Up- and Downsides for Sustainability

Besides the numbers of death those infected and recovered which are published daily, there are also economic and climate- relevant numbers in discussion. On the one hand, the economy should be started up again as quickly as possible and brought back to the state it was in before the crisis, on the other hand voices are becoming louder and louder that the money spend to benefit the economy and the… Read More »Corona: Up- and Downsides for Sustainability