Why I started mubymi

Wow, as I am writing this first post I am realising that this is a dream coming true for me. Being able to share what I am learning and what I am passionate about, makes me a very happy lady.

In the past two years the topic of sustainability became very present in my life. On the one hand because public awareness had been risen on this issue, on the other hand because my master program in international marketing and sales had a strong emphasis on sustainability and covered related topics with different point of views.

For me, sustainability and environmental protection is not something someone can not have an opinion on to how far or in which areas we have to change our behaviour. In order to stop climate change I think action has to be taken right now – to an extend that might be uncomfortable and affect our daily life severely. But in order to make our life and the life of our children worth living, we are urged to change how we behave and consider the consequences of our daily decisions.

I observed how friends and colleagues act in different situations. While most of them live very environmentally conscious in their everyday life, they sometimes seem to forget what they are basically convinced of – for example when they are on vacation or during work.

That’s where this blog comes in. It is not going to be another „how to life more sustainable“ blog, as I see areas with so much more potential that are hardly addressed.




Just think about your powerful position – you are able to empower the institutions which are environmentally friendly.


The main focus of this blog will be the relation between financial topics and the responsibility that comes with money with regards to the environment – especially in a business context.

The following little example clarifies the issue:

You might have exchanged your capsule coffee machine with a more sustainable one and thus reduce the waste of coffee capsules. Let’s say you have one coffee a day, that sums up to 365 capsules that don’t pollute the environment. That is great! 
Just imagine a company with 500 employees exchanges all coffee machines in their offices. If every employee has one coffee a day and works five days a week (no vacation considered), the company cuts the capsule waste by 130 000.

Let’s just say you are in charge of the coffee machines and will get a bonus if you stay within your budget. The capsule machine might be cheaper but you know there are more environmentally friendly options. Can you tell how you would decide? Let me know in the comment box…

On a more abstract level, this means that people who are responsible for (any kind of) investments automatically have a responsibility towards the environment, society and economy. In a best case scenario all of these three aspects are considered equally.

This is for sure not easy. So let’s talk about how we can change the companies, incentive systems and investment behaviour in order to make this world a little more healthier.

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