"When sustainability is viewed as being a matter of survival for your business, 
I believe you create massive change."

- Cameron Sinclair - Designer and Head of Social Innovation at Airbnb -


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Ridiculous energy consumption of Bitcoins

Bitcoins are experiencing a huge hype at the moment. But did you know how much energy it takes to keep the blockchain system running?



Why companies should measure their sustainability

there is a list of reasons why companies should measure their global footprint. Read about the advantages that come with it.



Sustainable business management course

9 very intense and so unbelievable valuable and informative weeks are over. Read my top 3 key takeaways and my experience with the Business Sustainability Course at the Cambridge University.



Population growth or...

three dangerous pressures from the growing demand for food, water, and energy that will be placed on these finite resources, fuelled by a number of key factors such as climate change, rapid urbanisation, increased wealth, and an increased reliance on biofuels.






I am passionate about the environment – nature in particular. 
In order to provide humanity with everything to stay alive in the future, we have to create  the right circumstances, so we are able to become the best version of ourself. That’s when we will be able to contribute to mitigate climate change because we can use our skills in favour of climate protection.

I believe that everyone has the responsibility to influence the planet positively in order to save our nature.

Franziska Wild

creator I multiplied by millions

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