In the past weeks I was thinking a lot about what the conversations and discussions I was listening to in the radio, tv and with family and friends are actually about. At some point I noticed that it felt like most of the topics become almost irrelevant when setting them into relation with sustainability. E.g. holiday destinations are still high on the agenda but what are we going to tell our kids one day when they asked, why we still went on long distance flights, although we were already aware of the consequences this is having. I assume they are not impressed by the adventures we had while polluting the air.


From my point of view there is only one topic that is important right now and will effect everything else in the near future. It should always be the big picture and the context of discussions in – SUSTAINABILITY. 

We will not talk about the lates smart watch, the best skiing resorts and holiday destinations, all the fancy consumables, fashion and profits if we don’t solve climate change first. 

The sad thing is, we can already foresee what is about to happen and know what we are ought to do to manage the change. We might even have a bad conscious when we take the car to work instead of public transportation. But instead of focusing on our own environmental footprint we keep enjoying meat and diary, travelling, (fast) fashion, streaming movies and series and the oh so convenient car rides. Not to mention all the decisions we are making daily in our business life which would have completely different results if we would make them in the favour of sustainability. 

In a business context it feels even easier to deny the responsibility for the environment because we are acting in charge of someone else and are apparently not able to change our responsibilities. 

But have you ever thought about the fact that our jobs might not exist in the future if companies won’t incorporates sustainability at the core of the business strategy? And, that we have the power to influence our bosses and colleagues and therefore are able to make a positive impact. Not only making the company future-save but saving our jobs at the same time?

I wish that more people would take into account sustainability in all decisions private and corporate. Because if we do not start doing it today we will not think about the kind of decisions and topics tomorrow when we have to find ways to deal with floods, droughts, water shortage and masses refugees who are forced to leave their homes to seek land and shelter where life is still possible.

I will make an effort to incorporate sustainability in my daily decisions and if you will do it as well we’ve multiplied one more great idea again – #spreadtheword #multiplybymilions

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